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Behavioral Health Subcommittee

The Behavioral Health Subcommittee was created by the Community Justice Council in May of 2019. The subcommittee focuses on the intersection of behavioral health conditions and the criminal justice system in Dane County. By using evidence-based, innovative, and collaborative policy and program solutions, the subcommittee works to:

  1. divert and deflect individuals with behavioral health challenges from the criminal justice system;
  2. improve individual- and system-level services for those in the target population at each point of the criminal justice system; and
  3. support individuals returning to the community to reduce recidivism and establish greater opportunities for improving public safety and public health outcomes for people with mental and behavioral health disorders.

The subcommittee uses the Sequential Intercept Model (SIM) to focus on a different part of the criminal justice system and process as it relates to the behavioral health system.   There are 5 intercepts in the SIM:

  • Intercept 0: Community Services
  • Intercept 1: Law Enforcement & Emergency Services
  • Intercept 2: Initial Detention and Initial Appearance
  • Intercept 3: Jails and Courts
  • Intercept 4: Reentry
  • Intercept 5: Community Corrections & Community Supports       

In 2018, community partners came together and identified gaps and resources at each of the intercepts.  The Dane County Sequential Intercept Model can be found here.  The subcommittee studies an intercept at a time for a period of 3-6 months.  Throughout this time, subject matter experts and/or people with lived experience are invited to meetings to contribute to the discussion.  After studying and researching each intercept, the subcommittee may make policy and program recommendations to the Community Justice Council.

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