Pretrial Services Subcommittee 


The Pretrial Services subcommittee of the Criminal Justice Council began in July 2014. A team of Dane County criminal justice stakeholders attended the Pretrial Justice Policy Forum in Washington, D.C. earlier in 2014 and created a recommendation and timelines for the implementation of innovative pretrial practices. The pretrial subcommittee emphasizes the importance of evidence-based decision-making and the usage of data and research in the criminal justice system. These practices can lead to a decrease in the use of pretrial detention by using a validated assessment tool in conjunction with judicial discretion to keep low-risk offenders in the community while awaiting trial.


Pretrial Subcommitee Members

Colleen Clark-Bernhardt, Equity and Criminal Justice Council Coordinator

Catherine Dorl, Dane County Public Defender

Troy Enger, Chief, Division of Community Corrections District 1

Carlo Esqueda, Dane County Clerk of Courts

Jeff Kostelic, Executive Assistant, Dane County Executive

Nicholas McNamara, Dane County Circuit Court Judge

Ismael Ozanne, Dane County District Attorney

Kerry Porter, Dane County Sheriff's Office


Pretrial Services Initiatives and Reports


Public Safety Assessment

The Dane County Criminal Justice Council  has launched a pilot project to apply a data-driven assessment to reduce costly jailing of low-risk offenders. In December of 2016, Dane County began the implementation of the Public Safety Assessment (PSA), a risk assessment tool developed by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation used at initial court appearances to make accurate, efficient, and evidence-based decisions on whether a defendant should be detained prior to trial or released to the community. The PSA is a nationally-validated, race-neutral instrument currently in use in 30 other jurisdictions. The PSA will be fully implemented in Dane County starting February 2017. Dane County’s use of the PSA will be evaluated by Harvard University’s Access to Justice Lab in a multi-year, randomized control trial.

The Dane County Criminal Justice Council is the first county in the United States to partner with Harvard University's Access to Justice Lab for an intensive, multi-year study of the PSA and outcomes.  Outcomes measured will include: length of stay, racial and ethnic disproportionality, and cultural shifts within the criminal justice system. 

Video: Community Conversation on Pretrial Justice: National and Local Perspectives

Report: PSA Quarterly Report

The PSA and RCT in Dane County

Pretrial: Using technology to improve pretrial decision making

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List of Dane County CJC Pretrial Subcommittee Meetings



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February 24, 2021 (Remote) Agenda Minutes Meeting Recording
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January 8, 2020 Agenda Minutes N/A
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August 19, 2020 (Remote) Agenda Minutes Meeting Recording
October 28, 2020 (Remote) Agenda Minutes Meeting Recording
December 2, 2020 (Remote) Agenda Minutes Meeting Recording


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January 23, 2019 Agenda Cancelled
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