Behavioral Health Subcommittee 


The Behavioral Health Subcommittee was created by the Criminal Justice Council in May of 2019. The subcommittee focuses on the intersection of behavioral health conditions and the criminal justice system in Dane County. By using evidence-based, innovative, and collaborative policy and program solutions, the subcommittee works to:

  1. divert and deflect individuals with behavioral health challenges from the criminal justice system;
  2. improve individual- and system-level services for those in the target population at each point of the criminal justice system; and
  3. support individuals returning to the community to reduce recidivism and establish greater opportunities for improving public safety and public health outcomes for people with mental and behavioral health disorders.

The subcommittee uses the Sequential Intercept Model to focus on a different part of the criminal justice system and process each quarter. Quarter one focuses on community and law enforcement interventions (intercepts 0 and 1). Quarter two focuses on initial detention and initial court hearings (intercept 2). Quarter three focuses on the jail and court process (intercept 3). Quarter four focuses on re-entry and community corrections (intercepts 4 and 5). Throughout the process, the Behavioral Health subcommittee invites those with subject matter expertise and/or lived experience to contribute to the discussion.

The subcommittee is comprised of 11 members:

  1. The Sheriff, or designee
  2. The City of Madison Chief of Police, or designee
  3. Chiefs of Police Association designee
  4. The Director of the Department of Human Services, or designee
  5. The Director of Public Safety Communications (911), or designee
  6. The Director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Dane County, or designee
  7. The District Attorney, or designee
  8. The Public Defender, or designee
  9. The Presiding Judge of Dane County Circuit Court, or designee
  10. Department of Corrections designee
  11. The Director of Corporation Counsel, or designee 

Behavioral Health Subcommittee Members

Aaron Chapin, Shorewood Hills Chief of Police

Susan Crawford, Dane County Circuit Court Judge

Catherine Dorl, Public Defender

Luis Bixler, Public Safety Communications (911)

Signe Mbainai, Corporation Counsel

Anna Moffitt, Director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Dane County

Chloe Moore, Wisconsin Department of Corrections

Ismael Ozanne, Dane County District Attorney

Sarah Shimko, Madison Police Department - Mental Health Unit Sergeant

Shawn Tessman, Dane County Department of Human Services Director

Jonathan Triggs, Dane County Sheriff's Office


Behavioral Health Initiatives and Reports


Sequential Intercept Mapping  (SIM) Report, created by Policy Research, Inc.  

       This video and this presentation contain further information about the SIM report.

Investigating Solutions to Racial Disparities and Mental Health Challenges in the Dane County Jail and throughout Dane County’s Criminal Justice System

Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice: The Sequential Intercept Model

Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets (CAHOOTS) Presentation


Quarterly Reports:

2020 Q3&4

2021 Q1



List of Dane County CJC Behavioral Health Subcommittee Meetings



Date Agenda Minutes Meeting Recording
January 15, 2021 (Remote) Agenda Minutes Meeting Recording
March 19, 2021 (Remote) Agenda Minutes Meeting Recording
April 16, 2021 (Remote) Agenda Minutes Meeting Recording
May 21, 2021 (Remote) Agenda Minutes Meeting Recording
June 18, 2021 (Remote) Agenda Minutes Meeting Recording
July 16, 2021 (Remote) Agenda Minutes  


Date Agenda Minutes Meeting Recording
January 17, 2020 Agenda Minutes N/A
February 21, 2020 Agenda Minutes N/A
March 20, 2020 Cancelled Cancelled N/A
June 19, 2020 (Remote) Agenda Minutes N/A
July 10, 2020 (Remote)  Agenda Minutes Meeting Recording
September 18, 2020 (Remote) Agenda Minutes Meeting Recording
October 23, 2020 (Remote) Agenda Minutes Meeting Recording
November 20, 2020 (Remote) Agenda Minutes Meeting Recording
December 18, 2020 (Remote) Agenda Minutes Meeting Recording


Date Agenda Minutes
July 18, 2019 Agenda Minutes
August 16, 2019 Agenda Minutes
September 17, 2019 Agenda


October 23, 2019 Agenda Minutes
November 15, 2019 Agenda Minutes
December 20, 2019 Agenda Minutes